Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Raspberry phenolic compounds

The wide range of values reported for various classes of phenolic in berries reflect differences in genetics, cultural practices, environmental growing conditions, and possibly maturation. It was reported that the color of raspberry juice correlated with the total phenolic.

Black raspberries had the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance), anthocyanin and phenolic compounds. Anthocyanins are the major phenolics present in black raspberries, with levels ranging from 464 to 627 mg/100 g FW.

Black raspberries also contain appreciable levels of total ellagic acid which most likely is due to high concentrations of ellagitannins in the fruit.

Red raspberry seeds contained more phenolic compounds (ellagic acid content) than pulp, but leaves had a higher content than seeds or pulp. Phenolic compounds ellagic acid, a dimeric derivative of gallic acid, is suggested as an anti- carcinogenic/anti-mutagenic compound. It is present in plants in the form of hydrolysable tannins called ellagitannins.

 Only red raspberries had detectable amounts of procyanidin oligomers (monomer, dimers and trimers).
Raspberry phenolic compounds

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