Saturday, August 31, 2019

Characteristics of strawberry wine

Wine can be produced from a variety of substrates (fruits) such as strawberry, cherries, apple, and pomegranate and the produced wine is popularly known as fruit wine.

Among all the fruit wines strawberry have a unique desirable flavor which makes it one of the most popular summer fruit. Sugar and acids provide sweetness and tartness, whereas volatiles compounds give the fruity characteristic aroma.

Seventy-eight volatile compounds were found in the strawberry wine, including 25 alcohols, 25 esters, five ketones, four aldehydes, nine terpenes, four acids, five phenols, and one styrene. During the fermentation, the composition of aroma compounds changed over time.

A typical wine contains sugars, acids, ethyl alcohol, higher alcohols or fusel oils, tannins, aldehydes, esters, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, anthocyanin, fatty acids, minor constituents like methanol, a number of flavouring compounds, etc.

Considering their relatively low odor threshold and diversity, esters are positive contributors to wine flavor, especially in young wine.

Wines made from more mature fruits had greater colour intensity and higher levels of anthocyanins. Anthocyanin content in carbonic macerated free run wines showed higher value compared to those skins fermented or pressed wines.
Characteristics of strawberry wine
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