Tuesday, January 21, 2020


The marionberry is a Pacific Northwest invention: a cross between the wild blackberry, loganberry, and the raspberry. Name for Marion County, Oregon, where they were first extensively grown and fresh Marionberries are a rarity outside the Northwest.

Marionberries have an aromatic bouquet and an intense blackberry flavor. They are usually quite tart (as a result, this recipe does not call for any lemon juice).

Marionberries are an expensive crop to produce. Marionberries can be grown in either an every year or alternate year production system. In the every year system, a crop is produced every year with dead fruiting canes removed after harvest and the new primocanes trained in either August or February.

Marionberry contains high levels of anthocyanins (109-155 mg per 100g), polyphenolics that can protect against cancer, heart and circulatory diseases and age related mental decline. Marionberry also contains high levels of strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C, gallic acid and rutin that help promote circulatory health, and fight against cancer
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