Monday, March 11, 2019

Cantaloupe and immune system

It has a good source of vitamins and minerals which strengthening the immune system. It has a high beta-carotene level and has anti-clogging properties.

Beta-carotene is an essential component of a healthy diet. It has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers, and even shows the reproduction of cancerous cells. Beta-carotene enhances the activity of T-cells and antibody-producing B cells and boosts the tumor-destroying ability of macrophages, natural-killer cells and cytotoxic T cells.

Cantaloupe is sure to strengthen the immune system and help eliminate free radicals that might otherwise cause damage and lead to cancer.

Vitamin C protects the immune system, reduces the severity of allergic reactions and helps to fight off infections. Vitamin C in cantaloupe also will boosts human immune system which in turn will help prevent infections an illnesses.
Cantaloupe and immune system
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