Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yellow raspberries

Raspberries are easy to grow, bear their first fruits the same year or one year after they’re planted and taste great fresh or in pies, jams, spreads, syrups, dressings and sorbets. Raspberries come in a variety of colors – red, yellow, black and purple – each kind with its own distinctive flavor.

Yellow raspberries are mutations, or sports, reds and tend to be very sweet. The color is less attractive to birds, too. Yellow raspberries are variations of red raspberries and except for fruit color have all the characteristics of red raspberries.
They are grown chiefly in home gardens. Yellow raspberries bear fruits on stalks that grow directly off canes, while black raspberries and blackberries bear fruits on stalks arising on branches from canes.

Yellow raspberries are still rarely seen in stores because they are so fragile. However both red and yellow raspberries are very cold tolerant, hardy as far as Canada.
Yellow raspberries
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