Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Chayote fruit

Chayote is grown in Southeast Asia, Central and West Africa, Mexico, Central America and South America, primarily for local consumption.

This tropical plant, which is a member of the gourd and melon family (Cucurbitaceae), bears edible fruit which is similar in taste and texture to summer squash.
The skin of the fruit can be smooth, deeply fissured or even wrinkled and prickly. Colors range from light-green to almost white. The opaque flesh has cucumber-like texture and varies in color.

Edible, tuberous roots are also formed in tropical regions where there is an extended dry season. Also, people sometimes use the young shoots for greens.

Chayote fruit is a low calorie food making ii a good choice in diets of weight-conscious individuals. The fruit is most like scallop summer squash and is prepared and used in the same general way.
Chayote fruit
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